Three Brothers Pizza & Grill

$15 Lunch

Choose courses from VTRW dinner menu: first and second course or second course and dessert.

$20 Menu

First Course Options

Baba Ganoush
Oven-roasted eggplant dip with garlic, lemon and tahini, served with pita bread, roasted pine nuts and olive oil

Middle Eastern chopped salad with tomatoes, onions, fresh parsley and crispy pita, with lemon vinaigrette

Stuffed Grape Leaves
Seasoned rice and beef rolled into grape leaves and baked

Second Course Options

All served with garlic fries.

Chicken Shawarma
Shish taouk chicken with lettuce, tomato and pickled turnips, served in a pita with garlic mayo

Fried chickpea fritters with lettuce, tomato and pickled turnips served in a pita with tahini

Beef Kebabs
Marinated beef grilled with onions, tomatoes and green peppers

Dessert Options

Flaky pastry with pistachio and walnuts, drizzled with simple syrup and rose water

Maple Cheesecake
Citizen Cider-glazed apples, maple-candied bacon

Chocolate Mousse
Maple whipped cream